In May 2019, the Mwererwe Community Farm project was launched as an expansion of the existing LAHU-USA lunch program, benefiting the students of Mwererwe Church of Uganda Primary School. 

The goal of the Mwererwe farming project, launched in May 2019, is for the school to sustainably farm healthy foods to support the lunch program and act as a community resource. Currently, it costs $17 USD, which includes the cost of food and minor administrative fees, to feed one student per month. Once the farming program is functional, that cost will decrease to $8 USD per month; which will allow our team to double our impact. 

Our additional goal is to make food available for purchase at an affordable price, with the option to trade their labor at the school in exchange for food. This initiative will help stimulate Mwererwe, as it is a low-income community where families often struggle meeting their basic needs.