Even if there is no tuition, school is not free.  Textbooks, uniforms, meals at school, notebooks and writing supplies are required purchases for all children attending school.  For many families, the cost of these materials stretches their already limited resources to the breaking point, and keeps children from attending school.  LAHU - USA is dedicated to covering these costs for as many children as possible.  When children are able to continue and finish their education, the whole community benefits. 

On our recent trip to Uganda, we met with our student beneficiaries and their teachers to check on their progress, and we were blown away by the progress and success children can have in school when given the proper tools to do so.  

We saw too, however, how minor infections and curable/treatable conditions can keep kids out of school, and we realize the need for holistic community empowerment to keep children in school.  With your help we can help families get access to the services and tools- whether it be medical care, animal husbandry, horticulture, foster programs and more- they need to succeed.  

We are also in the process of building a training facility in the Kisenyi slum of Kampala, which will be a central place where the women of the community can gather and learn new skills they can use to better support their families and community.