What is LAHU-USA?

Lend a Hand Uganda - USA (LAHU-USA) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in New York City dedicated to facilitating empowering, sustainable change in both urban and rural Uganda for at-risk children. We strive to empower children and give community members the tools, training, and support to maintain and grow each project, and believe that this holistic approach fosters permanent change that will improve lives and bridge the gap of poverty

What is the mission of LAHU-USA?

When children and communities are empowered with the tools to prosper and be self-sufficient, lives are transformed.

What does LAHU-USA stand for?

LAHU-USA stands for Lend a Hand Uganda - United States of America. This is our team based in the United States that works diligently to make a difference in Ugandan communities.

What does LAHU stand for and how does it differ than LAHU-USA?

LAHU stands for Lend a Hug Uganda and is made up of our team members based in Uganda, Africa. These are the individuals on ground implementing LAHU-USA projects and maintaining the integrity of our initiatives. LAHU and LAHU-USA are sister organizations where LAHU-USA raises funds based on needs assessed by LAHU who then takes action in Uganda.

What are some examples of LAHU-USA’s WORK?

To list just a few, LAHU-USA has done the following:

● Shaped new opportunities for self-sufficiency for 41 host families

● Provided school lunches to over 50 pupils /students throughout the last year and this is just the beginning.

● Afforded 128 children the ability to regularly attend school

What is LAHU-USA currently working on?

● Lunch Program - expanding the number of students in our program and adding a kitchen and cafeteria to one of our schools

● Clean Water - digging wells and running water pipes to our schools so children thrive in sanitary conditions and have clean drinking water.

For a full list of our projects and initiatives, please go to http://www.lahuusa.org/our-projects. For a list of events, visit http://www.lahu-usa.org/events.

What percent of donations allocated to a particular project go to the project?

LAHU-USA honors all requests from donors who wish to donate a specific amount to a particular project. For example, if a donor wanted to give $2000 to the latrine project, 100% of the funds from that person would go to the latrine project only. Our general fundraising efforts will cover both projects and administrative costs of running the organization, like providing lunch to our Ugandan volunteers in lieu of a stipend.

How does LAHU-USA manage administrative costs in order to function as an organization?

For every $10 raised, $2 goes towards administrative and managerial costs unless otherwise requested by the donor. Please note that all members of the LAHUUSA team based in the United States and the four Directors based in Uganda are unpaid volunteers. Additionally, there are four support team members that are salaried employees of the organization in Uganda.

What percentage of the proceeds from events such as the Spring Gala and Poker Night go towards administrative and managerial costs?

After all expenses for the event, 20% of the proceeds will go towards administrative costs here in the USA and the remainder will be sent to Uganda to cover the projects and the administrative costs of implementing each project.

How do I become a donor?

The best way to become a donor is to visit our website at http://www.lahuusa.org/donate. In addition, we encourage you to attend any of our events to learn more about the organization, its initiatives, and to contribute in various different ways. For a full list of events, please go to http://www.lahu-usa.org/events/.

What is the process to ensure all allocated funds are being used as intended on specific projects?

Here we rely on people we know and trust to execute on LAHU-USA initiatives. All team members are hand-picked by the Foundress of LAHU-USA to ensure we have a staff made up of allies who possess various skills and expertise. All allocations of funds are reviewed before hand by the Board then dispersed by the executives to ensure integrity of programming. In addition, all team members are required to maintain a full report weekly on the process of each project and where funds have been used. These reports are reviewed on a monthly basis for accuracy and efficiency

When do I receive a confirmation letter for my contribution or donation?

Every January, a letter is sent to donors with their contributions from the previous year.

Who makes up the LAHU-USA team?

Our team is made up of passionate, talented individuals based both in the United States and Uganda. We would love to meet you at any of LAHU-USA’s events or meetings. To learn more about our team, please go to http://www.lahuusa.org/whoweare.

What is the Tribal Council and how do I volunteer with LAHU-USA?

The Tribal Council is a volunteer group of passionate individuals that meets monthly in New York City and via phone to plan events, solicit sponsorships, and help spread the word about our mission. Joining the Tribal Council is the quickest way to get some hands-on experience with LAHU-USA’s initiatives to ensure immediate impact. We would love to add you to our LAHU-USA family! Please go to http://www.lahu-usa.org/tribalcouncil/ to review volunteer opportunities and request additional information about how you can best contribute to our mission. You may also contact our team anytime by emailing us at info@lahu-usa.org.