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ABOUT The volunteer trip

Lend a Hand Uganda-USA (LAHU-USA), and its Founder, Harriet Zaffoni, have created volunteer trips to visit our "fostered" schools in Uganda. The Mwererwe  Church of Uganda Primary School is in desperate need of new facilities.  We are raising money to build new latrines.  Will also drop into Ggangu Heritage School to check on how the Lunch Program initiated is moving along.  Join us on the ground to meet the children and their teachers as we launch construction or simply donate our time.



Over 3 million children are orphaned or living at risk in Uganda right now. Every child has the right to not only survive, but be given hope to thrive. There is an urgent need for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda to obtain access to safe homes, education, healthcare, nutritious meals and economically stable communities. LAHU-USA is committed to empowering change in Uganda which will give families the tools, training and support to maintain themselves and provide an education to their children.



The average price for a vacation in the U.S. is now $4,000. Imagine spending just a little bit more than that to see another part of the world and make a real difference? Not only is this an adventure for you as a volunteer, but a gift of generosity to others that will keep on giving for generations. Not many people get this kind of opportunity! So please commit and join the next trip as one of our volunteers by making a $500 non-refundable commitment.

The remaining cost of the trip will be $3,800, which includes airfare, accommodations, transportation, supplies and food while on the ground, including a fun country side trip (such as a safari, rafting on the Nile or interacting with chimpanzees) and any individual expenses. 

Once committed, we will set-up a fundraising page for you so that your friends and family can support you on your journey, if you choose.



After the initial deposit of $500, the cost of the trip will be due in phases: $1,500 as the first installment for the airfare and a final installment of $2,300 for the balance of the trip. Remember that an opportunity to contribute to sustainable development (i.e., the convergence of ecology, economics, politics and culture) with your own hands may never present itself again to you in your lifetime.  

Get on the list for our next trip by completing the information below.  A member of our organization will reach out with additional details.

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