I am traveling to Uganda October 21-31!


Why am I traveling to Uganda

When I first met Harriet and Amy and heard the work they are doing for Uganda, I felt at home. I had been volunteering with organizations that are doing great work to help countries in Africa, but LAHU-USA and its mission moved me. Volunteering with LAHU-USA has touched my heart and it gives me joy. Going to Uganda is part of my journey. I will be able to meet the Uganda team that is doing work on the ground, connect with the students, families, and communities whose lives we are impacting, and will help build and construct our projects. As the coordinator of this service trip, I get to work with a great team of passionate people who all feel connected to a common purpose. As I have been working with the Uganda team and helping with other fundraising projects here in NY, traveling to Uganda allows me the opportunity to bring all the work full circle. I hope to be able to share my gifts with the wonderful people we will meet. I also know that they will have a lasting impact on my life and the work that I will do to help positively change the world. We work hard daily to provide children with safe and sanitary conditions for learning.


How you're helping me

Your donation will help me fund this trip and create a positive impact in Uganda. No donation too small! You're helping to fund this experience for myself and for the children whose lives we are going to be changing forever. If you would like more information about the work we do, and to hear more about what we will be doing in Uganda, please feel free to reach out. I'd love to connect and let you know what your donation is helping to create. 

Sponsor My Trip

ABOUT the volunteer trip

Lend a Hand Uganda-USA (LAHU-USA), and its Founder, Harriet Zaffoni, are embarking on a volunteer trip to visit our "adopted" school in Kampala.  This group includes me!!  The MWERERWE CHURCH OF UGANDA PRIMARY SCHOOL is in desperate need of new facilities.  We are raising money to build new latrines and bring running water to the school.  



Over 3 million children are orphaned or living at risk in Uganda right now. Every child has the right to not only survive, but be given hope to thrive. There is an urgent need for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda to obtain access to safe homes, education, healthcare, nutritious meals and economically stable communities. LAHU-USA is committed to empowering change in Uganda which will give families the tools, training and support to maintain themselves and provide an education to their children.